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Dispensing Optics

This short video was created as part of the Future Morph programme from the Science Council and dates from around 2010. Although historic, it is still relevant and useful today. It looks at several students following ophthalmic dispensing and contact lens courses. The students describe the work they are doing with lenses and how this relates to the science they learnt at GCSE level. It illustrates some of the career opportunities available in the eyecare industry. Also included are some simple student activities, with accompanying teacher guidance, that illustrate how images are formed with lenses.

More details about the current activity of the Science Council can be found on their website, which includes the professional registration award for educators, Chartered Science Teacher (CSciTeach).


  • Lesson plans: Nuffield Foundation Practical Physics activities; David Sang, courtesy of Institute of Physics Practical Biology activities; Carol Levick, courtesy of Society of Biology Practical Chemistry activities; Emma Palmer, courtesy of Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Supporting information: CoHesion Career Development Consultancy, Brian Cairns and Ruth Wright Films: Anna Grayson,
  • Production and direction: Bob Walters
  • Direction and filming: Phil Stopford and Twofour Digital Ltd
  • Post production: City & Islington College


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