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Students Who Fiddle With Objects

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses his experience of doodling in class as a pupil, and how best to deal with pupils who are distracted by objects in lessons.

Arrogant Lateness

Leading behaviour expert Bill Rogers describes some reliable techniques to address lateness and to minimise its impact.

The differentiation deviser

The Differentiation Deviser presents 80 strategies, activities and techniques for differentiating, all of which can be used across the Key Stages and the curriculum. Every entry is clearly explained and accompanied by an image to aid understanding and recall.

Author: Mike Gershon

STEM Knowledge Networks

This booklet provides twelve case studies from STEM Knowledge Networks. These were projects supported by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network in partnership with the National Centre for the Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM). Schools were required to enable at least two or more STEM departments to...

Using the Resource Collection to Improve Teaching and Learning in STEM Subjects

A group of enthusiastic mathematics and science teachers with an interest in raising student achievement and making the link between the STEM subjects spent several months working as a STEM Knowledge Network and were able to commit time to evaluating the benefits of cross curricular teaching and the effect of the...

London Engineering Project: Gender Inclusion and Cultural Diversity Guidelines

From the London Engineering Project, this document gives practical advice to practitioners about gender and cultural diversity, and suggests good practice in technology and engineering delivery.

Future Morph careers quest

Future Morph Careers Quest was developed for students attending one of the the Big Bang science fairs. In the activity, students question exhibitors about aspects of their work and how they had chosen their particular career.

Whilst developed for a an exhibition context, the resources can suggest questions...

Professional Standards for Teachers in England from September 2007

Produced in 2007, these professional standards were intended to help guide teachers' professional development and career choices.

The professional standards cover the following career stages:
Q – qualified teacher status
C – core standards for main scale teachers who have successfully completed...

Report on the STEM Mapping Review 2004

The purpose of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Mapping Review, published by the Department for Education in 2004, was broadly to:

• investigate whether STEM initiatives currently being taken forward address the concerns raised about the decline in demand of university places in...

UNESCO Resource Kit - Science and Technology Education

This folder of guidance and resources was published for UNESCO by the Association for Science Education. The resources consisted of 26 modules each with Student’s Notes and Teacher’s Notes.

UNESCO Project 2000+ was a collaborative partnership between eleven major international agencies and inter-governmental...


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