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National STEM Learning Network: regional programme - evaluation report 2015-2016

In 2015-16, the regional Network has been found to have sustained a strong upward trajectory in the amount of CPD that it is delivering, increasing its level of CPD delivery by 45% compared to 2014-15, and surpassing the levels of CPD delivery achieved in previous years.  

The Network has also forged new partnerships and networks, through which it continues to establish a local reputation for high-quality STEM CPD.  

A key shift has been a greater focus on delivering CPD through alliances, trusts and other local networks of schools and there has been a far greater focus on using data to track progress against delivery targets. Members of the regional Network reported stronger engagement from, and levels of delivery to, primary schools and priority schools.  

The regional Network has exceeded its targets for both the number of primary and secondary schools it sought to engage in 2015-16 and continued to offer high-quality CPD that participants consider makes a difference to science teaching and learning.

Over nine in 10 teachers, technicians and subject leaders who have accessed STEM CPD from the regional Network considered that the CPD had fulfilled their aims (97%), improved their confidence, knowledge and skills (98%), and had enhanced their teaching or technician practice (98%).

  • Nine in 10 respondents reported that they had shared the learning from the CPD with their colleagues (93%) and that this had an impact on their practice (90%).
  • Nine in 10 CPD participants strongly agreed or agreed that the CPD that they had accessed from the regional Network had an impact on pupils’ engagement in science (91%) and on their progress and attainment (92%).All SLP leads and RDLs were confident that the schools and colleges that have led SLPs have benefited significantly as a result.
  • Nine in 10 of those trained to lead STEM CPD by the Network strongly agreed or agreed that being trained to lead CPD by the regional Network had an impact on their confidence, skills and teaching (95% of 45 survey responses), and on career development and progression (91% of 43 responses).



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