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Smart Infrastructures

Learn about sustainable cities, decarbonisation and how to become a Green Leader in this Smart Infrastructure interactive. 

This online interactive resource from Siemens introduces the ideas of sustainable cities, decarbonisation and green leaders.

Smart infrastructure game

It consists of three modules.

  • Sustainable cities looks at how cities of the future can use smart infrastructure and renewable energy and compares them with the cities of today. In an interactive game users look at facilities in a city of today and then decide how to make them more sustainable.
  • Decarbonisation looks at how to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in transport, energy, food production and manufacturing. After reading some information users take on the role of a carbon neutral manager in a soap factory and they have to make decisions about reducing the carbon emissions and reducing the costs.
  • Green leaders encourages students to lead a sustainable lifestyle and make a difference in their schools as green leaders.  it includes an interactive game where players have to cross a grid by answering questions correctly.

Each module concludes with a challenge to take away, possible career opportunities in the sector, and an interactive quiz.

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