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Renewable and non-renewable energy resources

This resource uses the context of boats used in the America's cup sailing race to encourage students to think about the various types of energy resources, how they are used and the impact they have on the environment. 

The resource consists of a sequence of two lessons.  The first looks at the role of the Sun in the various energy resources and then focuses on fossil fuels and their use in electricity generation.  There is a presentation with teacher notes for guidance and there is an opportunity for students to carry out a simple experiment using a motor and multimeter to get a better understanding of how electricity is generated. A student worksheet is included for students to record information about the various steps in the generation of electricity discussed in the presentation. 

Lesson two looks at renewable energy resources and includes a presentation with teacher notes.  There is an excellent set of energy resource top trump cards which could be used as a sorting activity or for a top trump game. A set of information posters on renewable energy resources and an information collection sheet for students to use is also included.  The video provides further context and background for the lesson, but please note it does not use the up to date language in terms of energy stores and energy transfers.

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