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Further Risps eBook

This resource contains forty ‘rich starting points’ (or risps) for those studying Further Mathematics A Level. Each risp activity aims to make learning more exploratory and open-ended whilst still covering the syllabus requirements.

Each activity contains prompts or questions to be shared with students, detailed accompanying teacher notes and the solution to the problem.

The PDF booklet contains materials that cover a wide range of topics leading directly into Further Mathematics A Level content, although the materials may also be suitable for first year university students.

Topics covered include:

  • Complex numbers;
  • Conics;
  • Determinants;
  • Differential Equations;
  • Groups, binary operations;
  • Hyperbolic functions;
  • Integration;
  • Inverse trig functions;
  • Maclaurin series;
  • Matrices: basic arithmetic and linear transformations;
  • Matrices: eigenvalues and eigenvectors;
  • Numerical methods;
  • Polar coordinates;
  • Proof by induction;
  • Simultaneous equations;
  • Rational functions and their graphs;
  • Recurrence relations;
  • Reduction formulae;
  • Roots and coefficients of a polynomial equation;
  • Summing series;
  • Vectors

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