This set of starting activities from RISPs cover a wide range of topics leading directly into the mathematic syllabus for A2 level. The risps resources are grouped by topic and each comes with accompanying teachers' notes.

Topics for A2 mathematics included in this resource are:

*Exponentials and Natural Logarithms
*Numerical Methods
*Differentiation 2
*Integration 2
*Proof 2
*Algebra 2
*Trigonometry 2
*Parametric Equations
*Integration 3: Differential Equations
*Generic/Miscellaneous Risp Ideas



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The first of two RISP activities, Periodic Functions, asks students to write down as many periodic functions as they can. The activity progresses to look at what happens...

Numerical Methods

This RISP activity Polynomial Equations with Unit Coefficients sets students the task of finding the roots of polynomials with a large number of terms. Students are...

Differentiation 2

Two Special Cubes...

Risps for A2 Level Core: Integration 2

This RISP activity, The answer's 1: what's the question?, gives students graphs containing shaded areas enclosed by two functions. Examples of a straight line and a quadratic graph, a cubic graph and an exponential graph are used. Given that the enclosed area has a value of one, students are asked...