Save a Baby Kangaroo

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In this activity students take on the role of an adult in the Australian Outback who whilst out horse riding finds a female kangaroo that has just been killed on the road by a passing truck. Her joey is still alive in her pouch. Through video clips, photographs and data, students become familiar with a range of data about the several different species of kangaroo. They use the data to identify which species of kangaroo they have found and develop a feeding programme in order to attempt to save the life of the young orphaned kangaroo which measures just twelve centimetres long and weighs sixty grams. By completing a series of tasks, students make important decisions about how to save this young animal. Students keep a journal to record what they have done along the way, and finish by producing a poster that shows others exactly how they could go about saving the young animal if they were in a similar situation. In this activity students use rational numbers, rules of arithmetic applied to calculations and manipulation, the application of ratio and proportion, plotting points on a graph, reading information from graphs, lines and shapes in 2D coordinate system, units, compound measures, conversions and presentation and analysis of grouped data. To use this resource: • download the zip file • extract all of the files • run the start file

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