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This activity is based around video clips of the Swanscombe Tigers youth football team training and preparing for a game. There are three activities: • Pre-Match training which features several video clips showing players carrying out different football-related training tasks. Based on the players’ performances, students must decide which positions on the field the different players might be best suited to. • Passing the ball features two players passing the ball and a third player trying to intercept it. This provides a stimulus for students to consider the key factors involved in ensuring a successful pass or interception. On-screen tools enable students to test their conjectures. • Penalties begins with a video showing several penalty kicks being taken to provide stimulus for students to begin thinking about those areas of the goal that are ‘better’ to aim at to score a goal. Hypotheses can be created relating to the chances of scoring in different sectors of the goal. An interactive penalty-taking tool enables students to explore experimental and theoretical probabilities and an interactive 3-D diagram of the penalty area is designed to enable investigation of the geometry of penalty taking. To use this resource: • download the zip file • extract all of the files • run the start file

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