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Boxes and Bottles

Boxes and bottles come in all shapes and sizes. These Cre8ate maths activities explore some of the mathematics behind packaging decisions taken by manufacturers, they provide a platform for students to make conjectures and find efficient ways of recording results to justify claims they have made. In Boxing stock cubes students use 36 multilink cubes to explore the number of different cuboids that can be made with a constant volume. Exploring nets is the focus of Folding cubes. Here students are challenged to find as many different arrangements of 6 squares as they can. When the pupils have found the 11 nets of a cube they then have to decide which would be the best to use to create boxes to hold eight 1cm cubes of sugar. In the resource How much does it hold, students order and estimate the capacity of a range of containers, before trying to half fill each of them and check their accuracy with a measuring jug.

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