Mathematics in the context of food and drink

In these activities students use a variety of mathematical skills in order to complete the tasks, each set in the context of the production of food and drink.


Going  Bananas, Minimise or  Maximise and What's in Your Bowl contains a number of activities in which students estimate weight and volume, collect data, perform calculations whilst designing smoothies and exploring eating habits. Food for Thought is an activity which requires students to use ratios, percentages, fractions, pie charts as students consider what constitutes a healthy diet. Making a Mocktail explores ratios when designing cocktails. The resource, Food, contains a number of activities requiring the use of a wide range of mathematical skills whilst Keeping the Pizza Hot requires students to model mathematically to find a solution. Fish Dish requires time and planning skills. Fruit Pies requires students to calculate area and use logical reasoning. Boxes and Bottles and Packaging are activities requiring students to solve spacial problems using measurement, area and volume. Growing More contains three activities all requiring  systematic analysis, careful recording and proof.