Climate change - primary resources

A collection of resources linked to climate change themes suitable for primary aged pupils. Themes include but are not limited to, environmental change, melting ice and glaciers, the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels, green power and sustainability. 



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My Green City

This resource provides a series of four lessons in which children work in teams to design a sustainable city. They explore examples of sustainability in existing cities around the world and consider the needs of citizens and the challenges of supporting a growing urban population. Children then plan their city and...

Practical Action's climate change teaching resources are suitable for KS2 to KS5. They include activities, posters, complete lessons, homework and extension activities. 

Regreen the desert

Practical Action have supplied this teacher's pack to challenge students to use their STEM skills to come up with solutions to a problem of water shortage in Sudan. The pack includes a PowerPoint presentation and Teacher Guide so that teachers can outline the problem to their students. The PowerPoint makes...

The discovery of the Antarctic ozone hole

In this set of activities, pupils will learn about ozone and the impacts – good and bad – it has on life on Earth.

Activities are:

  • finding out about ozone and how it is measured and introducing the story of the Antarctic ozone hole
  • investigating the effectiveness of sunscreen
  • ...


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