Climate change - primary resources

A collection of resources linked to climate change themes suitable for primary aged pupils. Themes include but are not limited to, environmental change, melting ice and glaciers, the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels, green power and sustainability. 



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The water cycle

In this set of activities, children will learn about the water cycle and, in particular, how water in the soil contributes to the cycle and responds to changes in it.

Activities are:

  • learning about the story of a snowflake to illustrate the water cycle
  • investigating evaporation and...

Watching a Glacier (7-11)

This activity uses satellite images of the Earth to show how a glacier has changed over almost three decades. Children are asked to measure the glacier to find out how much it has changed in size and to compare false-colour images to suggest how this helps us find out more about environmental change. Guidance on...

Weather and climate change activities

This resource provides teachers notes on a Climate Change themed transition day for children in their last term in primary school. There are six activities, which support children in understanding the difference between weather and climate, identifying temperature trends over time, making connections with their...

Weather vs. climate

In this set of activities, children learn the difference between weather and climate. They identify different climatic zones and collect their own weather data. They analyse and compare daily and monthly air temperature measurements. Finally, they  learn about different climate scenarios and identify what it means...


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