Climate change - primary resources

A collection of resources linked to climate change themes suitable for primary aged pupils. Themes include but are not limited to, environmental change, melting ice and glaciers, the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels, green power and sustainability. 



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DRY: Diary of a water superhero

This book and accompanying teacher guide focus on the story of a young girl and her passion for saving water. The story follows the journey of an ordinary schoolgirl in the UK, who transforms into a water superhero when a DRY summer is followed by a DRY winter. The teacher guide provides eight linked activities...

Earth under the lid - Understanding the greenhouse effect

In this set of two activities, pupils will learn what the greenhouse effect and greenhouses gases are and the positive and negative consequences of these on the atmosphere. Pupils will be given the opportunity to build a model and perform temperature measurements to enhance their understanding of the greenhouse...

Effects of Climate Change - Images

A number of images from Practical Action showing the effects of climate change and climate change adaptation. The images can be freely used by students and/or incorporated into teaching resources by teachers. The following text describes each of the photographs: *Drought in Kenya means there is little water left...

This series of resources have been created to highlight to pupils the importance of water in society. The water cycle activity introduces pupils to the concept of the water cycle and the science involved, whilst 'How much water do we waste?' is an investigation where pupils measure the volume of water used when...


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