Climate change - primary resources

A collection of resources linked to climate change themes suitable for primary aged pupils. Themes include but are not limited to, environmental change, melting ice and glaciers, the greenhouse effect, fossil fuels, green power and sustainability. 



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Greenhouse effect experiment

In this activity pupils will undertake a controlled experiment to investigate how gases in the atmosphere affect the heat in an enclosed environment, by tracking the change in temperature of a glass jar containing carbon dioxide against a control jar. They will learn about the greenhouse effect and the role of...

Green Power

This computing activity gives Year 4 pupils the chance to use art computer software and a search engine to create an insightful ‘Go Green’ poster. The second activity in this resource also gives pupils the chance to use an animation package to create an animation/advertisement to convey the same message as that...

Lesson 5: How is the Arctic changing?

In this lesson students learn about the impacts of ice in the Arctic melting by watching a series of demonstrations. The context of the lesson is the work of Dr Helen Findlay who was investigating the effect of environmental change on the Arctic ecosystem.

The entire package of the Frozen Oceans primary...

Meet the EO Detectives

Earth Observation (EO) scientists collect information about the Earth – the land, the sea and the atmosphere – using sensors carried on satellites, aircraft, ships, buoys floating on the ocean and thousands of weather stations around the world. There is now a great deal of data available and scientists are finding...


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