Key Stage 2


Code Cracking Unit

This set of six activities introduces pupils to the history of computing and in particular, how computers were used as code-cracking devices in World War II. Through these activities pupils will have the opportunity to learn about Alan Turing and become code-crackers before finally creating their own movie about...

Make a game project

This project allows pupils the opportunity to use Scratch to design, write and debug programmes as they create a game for younger pupils. The resource is split into three sessions. In session one the supporting resources will help pupils will decompose a game into its parts, design their game and create the artwork...

Pizza party modelling

This set of five lessons introduces pupils to data modelling using spreadsheets through the theme of a class pizza party. Pupils will develop their computational thinking skills of abstraction, decomposition, algorithms and evaluation and combine different types of software to present their work. These sessions...

Ranking search

This activity supports pupils to be able to understand how search engines rank results. Pupils are given the opportunity away from technology, to create topic led paper-based web pages in groups before discovering how their web pages would rank when searching for key words relating to their content.


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