Key Stage 2

These easy to use resources for pupils aged seven to eleven from Barefoot Computing provide cross-curricular lesson plans and activities that integrate computing into the delivery of another topic. For example the solar system simulation activity uses the topic of space to introduce children to simulations and how to create them using Scratch.



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Introduction to HTML: Lesson One

This lesson activity introduces children to HTML. They learn that webpages are constructed using HTML and investigate the code used to create an example website. They then use the free 'web remix' software, Mozilla X-Ray Goggles, to change aspects of the page. An extension activity encourages remixing of popular...

ScratchJr Tinkering

A Barefoot Computing introductory programming activity for lower-primary children learning computing. Using the iPad app Scratch Jr, children are given the opportunity to develop skills by tinkering with existing programs as well as creating their own. Children might be offered the chance to tinker with other basic...

Scratch Tinkering Activity

A learning activity guide, from Barefoot Computing, for teachers in primary schools. It provides structure for an introductory programming session using Scratch. The activity involves tinkering within the Scratch environment - initially using existing Scratch projects then moving on to the creation of new projects...

Classroom Sound Monitor

This cross curricular activity includes science content from Year Four of the primary curriculum. It introduces programming and control, linked to the outside world through sensors - in this case, the computer's built-in microphone or a peripheral microphone. Programs are written using Scratch (online or offline)...