Neon careers resources are a comprehensive resource collection for everything engineering. The primary and secondary resources introduce students to future STEM careers, helping young people to understand more about the world of engineering and learn about engineers working in real jobs.



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What is engineering?

The work that engineers do affects billions of people. It is creative and hands-on. It is about solving problems, designing things and improving things. As an engineer, you could tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems - from dealing with cyber security and maintaining clean water and energy supplies to...

10 great reasons to become a scientist or engineer

A colourful display poster showing ten reasons to to inspire young learners to consider the exciting and meaningful careers available in science, technology, engineering and maths. 


100 jobs in STEM poster

This poster shows 100 exciting job roles that link to science, technology, engineering and maths.

Be inspired by the array of jobs you could consider in the future if you keep your options open with maths and science:

  • Space structures engineer
  • Stadium designer
  • Flood modeller...

Save lives as an engineer

Find out how engineers who work in disaster response save lives on a massive scale. This Tomorrow’s Engineers poster and accompanying teacher booklet, activities and a lesson plan will help students to understand the scale and impact of disaster response engineering.

Many types of engineering are employed in...


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