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A collection of places to find free, downloadable posters and displays that show how computing is used in the wider world.

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Computer Science Posters

  1. Binary
  2. Fetch-Decode-Execute Poster
  3. Hardware Poster
  4. Input - process - output poster
  5. Minion Poster - basic flowchart & Pseudocode
  6. Minion Poster - flowchart & Pseudocode
  7. Game maker vs Kodu
  8. CPU Poster
  9. The Internet
  10. Storage memory 
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Tomorrow's Engineers careers resources

Tomorrow's Engineers careers resources are a comprehensive resource collection for everything engineering! Their resources cover both university and apprenticeship routes into engineering, helping young people to understand more about the world of engineering and learn about engineers working in real jobs.

Copies of the resources in this collection are also available in print, free of charge. Visit to Tomorrow's Engineers Printed Resources to find out more.

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