CS4FN Issue 9

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This edition of Computer Science for Fun is entitled ‘The Earth Issue’, and features computer science applications that are environmentally friendly or that have helped scientists researching our planet.

The articles include:

• The power efficiency of the human brain vs modern computers

• Flashmobs and communication technology

• Autonomous robots in dangerous places

• Submarine simulators

• Robots and energy-harvesting kites

• Smart cars

• Fuzzy logic and traffic jam avoidance

• Modelling the Antarctic ecosystem

• GOMS modelling of new designs – computer-based product testing

• Computer energy monitoring

• Using networks of tiny computers for environmental monitoring

• Studying epidemics in World of Warcraft

• Electronic noses checking crop freshness

• Classic computer modelling with the Game of Life

• Using computer simulation to design a supersonic car

• Satellite communications

The magazine is edited by Paul Curzon, Jo Brodie and Peter W. McOwan

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