Handling Data

This collection of handling data resources, produced by SMILE Mathematics, contains a variety of practical ideas for use in the classroom. Real Data: Statistics for Key Stage Three contains a number of project ideas that require students to collect and represent data to suppport a given hypothesis. Discussing data concentrates upon students interpreting data for which there is a separate resource of supplemantary materials. The interactive data resources are a collection of interactive spreadsheet resources for use in the classroom to build understanding of mean, mode, median, range and probability.



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Real Data: Statistics Projects for Key Stage Three

This resource from SMILE Mathematics consists of six themed handling data projects. Each project has teacher guidance giving possible hypothesis within the theme and also potential outcomes at different mathematical levels for each project under the headings: planning...

Discussing Data

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 18 activities for discussing data. Each activity includes information on the data, discussion guidance, specific questions, extension questions, possible hypothesis and a vocabulary check list.

The activities are split into six areas at three mathematical levels...

Interactive Data Resources

This resource from SMILE contains eight interactive spreadsheets as described below:

Rolling one dice: simulates the rolling of one dice and then records the number in the frequency table and...

Discussing Data Supplementary Materials

These supplementary materials for discussing data contain full colour versions of the graphs and diagrams for all the activities in the Discussing Data Activity Book. The graphs and diagrams are split into the six areas described in the book .