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Discussing Data

This resource from SMILE Mathematics contains 18 activities for discussing data. Each activity includes information on the data, discussion guidance, specific questions, extension questions, possible hypothesis and a vocabulary check list.

The activities are split into six areas at three mathematical levels:

Comparing data: Travelling to school, Comparing Junes, Population pyramids

Interpreting line graphs: Going to the cinema, Cinema attendance, Households

Interpreting bar graphs: Olympic glory, Healthy eating, Spending money

Interpreting pie charts: How fit are you?, Keeping fit, Young and healthy

Displaying data: Showing it clearly, Which is cleaner?, Making sense

Questionnaire design: An average Year Seven student, An average Year Eight student, An average Year Nine student

The Discussing Data Supplementary Material resource contains a full colour version of the graph or diagram used in the each of the activities. The Handling Data Reference resource contains guidance on the relevant terms and techniques.

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