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Real Data: Statistics Projects for Key Stage Three

This resource from SMILE Mathematics consists of six themed handling data projects. Each project has teacher guidance giving possible hypothesis within the theme and also potential outcomes at different mathematical levels for each project under the headings: planning and collecting, processing and representing, interpreting and discussing.

The themes of the projects are:

  • Average student
  • Environment
  • Fast hand
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • World statistics

Each theme has a supporting spreadsheet of data, except Fast Hand which requires students to collect their own data.

The Handling Data Reference file contains support for each of the stages, which students can read through before carrying out the project or use as reference to look up a particular display method, analysis technique or statistical calculation.

Students are expected to use a range of statistics to address each hypothesis, including frequency tables, bar charts, pie charts, stem and leaf diagrams, box and whisker diagrams, scatter diagrams, compound bar charts, multiple bar charts and line graphs. They are also expected to find the mean, mode and median of data.

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