The videos in this collection from Teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They provide great lesson ideas for a range of topics, including:

* using demonstrations in biology, chemistry and physics
* dataloggers and ICT to help students understand processes
* forces, movement and energy
* evolution and natural selection
* waves and radiation
* how science works



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Demonstrating Biology: It Takes Guts

Produced by Teachers TV, this video illustrates how looking at a pig's entrails can be used to investigate the digestive system.

Nigel, biology teacher at King Charles I school, explains that once he receives the entrails from the abattoir, hygienic handling and storage is of paramount importance. Before...

Demonstrating Biology: Eight Demonstrations

From Teachers TV, this video shows demonstrations in biology that can be used to engage and inspire students. Each clip contains practical advice to allow teachers to perform the demonstrations in the classroom.

The demonstrations include: • An explosive demonstration of the energy in sugar. • Illustrating...


Part of the Inspirations series from Teachers TV, this video describes how The Writhlington School Greenhouse Club has grown to have national and international contacts.

Students from Year Seven to Thirteen are...

Ceri Evans' Masterclass: DNA

In this video, produced by Teachers TV, award-winning teacher Ceri Evans inspires a group of talented Year Ten students from several London schools with an active lesson about DNA. It looks at the base pairs in DNA and how the DNA sequence is translated into the amino acid sequence of a protein.

Ceri uses...