The videos in this collection from Teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They provide great lesson ideas for a range of topics, including:

* using demonstrations in biology, chemistry and physics
* dataloggers and ICT to help students understand processes
* forces, movement and energy
* evolution and natural selection
* waves and radiation
* how science works



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Ceri Evans' masterclass: evolution *suitable for home teaching*

In this video, produced by Teachers TV, former teacher of the year Ceri Evans inspires a group of gifted and talented Year Ten students in an active lesson about Darwin's theory of evolution. The variety of games and challenges illustrated in the video gives some examples of effective ways to teach about one of...

Cross Curricular: Science Gets Fruity

Produced by Teachers TV, this video shows how science and musical theatre can be mixed.

Students are inspired by visits from a physicist, a botanist, and a musician. The cross curricular day for Year Seven begins with an exploration of the physics of sound through drama.

Next, the students get the...

Secondary Science Using ICT: Investigating Combustion Using Gas Sensors

From Teachers TV, this video introduces chemical reactions and the combustion process and how this can be illustrated using data loggers.

The classic combustion experiment of a burning candle in a bell jar is demonstrated by Paul Preece at Camborne Science and Community College. He puts carbon dioxide,...

Secondary Science Using ICT: Investigating pH Using a pH Probe

From Teachers TV, this video looks at velocity and acceleration and how these can be measured using a pH probe.

This video shows a lesson demonstrating how to introduce Key Stage Four students to the concepts of acids, alkalis and pH levels.

Teacher Paul Preece at Camborne Science and Community...