The videos in this collection from Teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They provide great lesson ideas for a range of topics, including:

* using demonstrations in biology, chemistry and physics
* dataloggers and ICT to help students understand processes
* forces, movement and energy
* evolution and natural selection
* waves and radiation
* how science works



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The Pulsing Reaction

From the Teachers TV series Demonstrating Chemistry, this video shows how to carry out a stunning demonstration of autocatalysis, whereby the products of one reaction act as a catalyst for the next.

Professor Hal Sosabowski mixes hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodate with sulphuric acid and a mixture of...

Hydrogen - Exploding Eggs

From the Teachers TV series Demonstrating Chemistry, this demonstration shows how a mixture of hydrogen and air becomes explosive. Professor Hal Sosabowski evacuates an egg by drilling two holes and using an airline to blow the egg out. He flushes out all the air from the egg before filling it with hydrogen. With...

Lowestoft Energy Challenge

In this video from Teachers TV, two schools and a college in Lowestoft explore different ways of saving energy as part of an energy challenge competition.

Poplars Primary School has a visit from the Green Energy Machine and now has a team of energy monitors in an effort to reduce the school’s carbon...

Teaching the KS3/4 News Report Lesson

This Teachers TV programme shows a science lesson which uses a fictional TV news story to encourage Year Eight students to discuss the science linking health and diet. Dan Hanard, a physics teacher at Woodkirk High School, Wakefield, delivers the lesson to a group of...