The videos in this collection from Teachers TV are aimed at secondary school science practitioners. They provide great lesson ideas for a range of topics, including:

* using demonstrations in biology, chemistry and physics
* dataloggers and ICT to help students understand processes
* forces, movement and energy
* evolution and natural selection
* waves and radiation
* how science works



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This Teachers TV video illustrates a range of techniques to help students think about careers in STEM professions. Using a context of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), the school nurse talks to a Year Eight class about her work before students consider the various professionals involved in IVF. The students perform a...

Thermite Reaction

From Teachers TV and part of the Great Lesson Ideas series, this video illustrates how to get students to use their knowledge of the reactivity series. It includes part of an active lesson involving a safe version of the exothermic, thermit reaction.


Conservation of Mass

Produced by Teachers TV and part of the Great Lesson Ideas series, this video illustrates lesson planning ideas for experiments to help students explore the principle of conservation of mass.

First, the students mix...

Indicators in Chemistry

A magical demonstration where it appears that pouring a jug of water into different glasses produces a range of different drinks.  It is a great way to introduce a lesson on pH indicators at Key Stage Three and will hold students spellbound. Chemistry teacher Paul Grooby shows a starter demonstration, adding...