A collection of three resources exploring the mathematics used in air travel. Students explore: *Scheduling of aircraft, the construction of timetables and dealing with time zone differences. *Scheduling pilots, using formulae to calculate the working time of pilots. *The use of formulae to calculate flight charges accrued by aircraft flying over different countries.



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Scheduling Aircraft

The flight from Singapore from London takes 13 hours and 35 minutes. Given the take off time and the fact that Singapore is 7 hours ahead of London, students are asked to find the local time the plane lands in London. Students are posed a series of problems and tasks relating to other flights between Singapore and...

Scheduling Pilots

There are strict limits on the number of hours that pilots can work. A formula is given which is used to calculate 'stick' time, the actual working time for a flight with a scheduled flying time of t minutes. Students are required to use this formula to solve a number of problems posed. Students are asked to graph...

Flight Charges

Countries charge for planes to fly through their airspace even if the plane does not land. Different countries levy different charges, therefore plane companies consider a number of different routes and calculate the associated charges with each route. The formula used to fly over Europe is considered and an...

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