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This collection contains a number of mathematics-related resources for use at STEM clubs.


A series of resources from Defence Dynamics in which the teaching and learning of mathematics is put into a military context. Students' activity sheets show how important mathematical concepts are used in real-life situations by the armed forces. The resources are:

Bearings- students plan...

F1 in Schools: Mathematics - Calculating Speed

Using the F1 in schools curriculum resource students will need to to apply their knowledge of speed, time and distance to calculate the speed of an F1 car using real race data. Students are presented with a circuit map of Monaco showing speeds in mph and Kph, the gear used and target times at different points on...

Mathematical Education on Merseyside (MEM) is an umbrella organisation, bringing together staff from the three universities in Liverpool and local school teachers. They provide activities such as masterclasses to enrich the mathematical experience of high-school students throughout the region and, as available here...

Treasure Hunt

The mathematical treasure hunt, produced by Mathigon, is an engaging mathematics lesson. Students follow a trail of clues and mathematical problems around the school site; each clue contains a hint to where the next clue is hidden. The questions are taken from a wide range of different topics, and often not...


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