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Microscale Chemistry

This activity is provided by ASE and describes a novel way to conduct a number of chemistry experiments on a small scale with clearly visible results and needing a minimum of equipment.

The resource contains structured experiments with supporting teacher notes for microscale chemistry experiments relating to:

* acids and bases

* reactions of metals with acids

* displacement reactions

* making and using a conductivity meter

Each experiment uses an OHT plastic sheet over a worksheet on which students investigate the reactions. Though not specifically designed for students with special needs, these experiments were felt to be very useful and performed in varying situations. Further ideas are provided in the teacher notes.

These experiments have been kindly donated by the Royal Society of Chemistry, originating from their publication Microscale chemistry, Experiments in Minature by John Skinner, the RSC Schoolteacher Fellow 1995-96. The experiments were developed as a means to carry out chemistry experiments on a reduced scale, using small quantities and often (but not always) simple equipment.

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