A selection of films suitable for use in the classroom presented by Derek Muller the from the ever popular Veritasium YouTube channel 



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13 misconceptions about global warming

This video discusses these 13 misconceptions, including:

  • Global warming is not happening so it was renamed climate change

  • The globe is not warming

  • In the past, scientists warned of global cooling...

World's roundest object

This video shows the roundest object in the world – one kilogram sphere of silicon.  In 1799, the definition of a kilogram was the mass of one litre of water, at 4 degrees Celsius.  As of 2016, the kilogram is defined by the mass of a platinum-iridium sphere, located in Paris, called the International Prototype...

World's first electric generator

This video shows Derek Muller demonstrating the effects of an induced magnetic field caused by dropping a magnet through a copper tube. 

This effect can easily be demonstrated in the classroom.  We also see Faraday’s first electric generator.

Will this go faster than light?

Derek Muller looks at various misconceptions around how something can travel faster than the speed of light.