A selection of films suitable for use in the classroom presented by Derek Muller the from the ever popular Veritasium YouTube channel 



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Galileo the scientific parrot

This video demonstrates that objects accelerate towards the ground at the same rate when in a vacuum.  Acceleration due to gravity is constant for all objects.

Imploding drum

This video demonstrates how the pressure exerted by the atmosphere (10,000kg on an average person) can implode a large drum when the air inside the drum is removed (Heat water to vaporise and remove all air. Condense the vapour by cooling the drum). 


The scientists states that...

Make plasma with grapes in the microwave

This video demonstrates how a plasma can be made from heating a grape in a microwave. When gases from the grape absorb microwave energy electrons are removed. The free-moving electrons and positively charged gas molecules form the plasma.  The experiment shows how plasma produces visible light. However, the...

Making solid nitrogen

This video begins by showing how reducing the pressure above water reduces its boiling point (it boils at RT).  This is because the water molecules require less energy to escape into the atmosphere above it. It also shows that as the most energetic molecules boil, the liquid is left with less energetic molecules...