A selection of films suitable for use in the classroom presented by Derek Muller the from the ever popular Veritasium YouTube channel 



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How does the Earth spin?

This video introduces the idea of inertia by using a large globe suspended by water. It shows that acceleration requires an unbalanced force and then explains that an objects inertia is its tendency to maintain its motion unless it is acted upon by an unbalanced force. 

Why does the Earth spin?

Is there gravity in space?

This video explains why astronauts float. The common misconception is that there is no gravity in space, yet the astronaut is in the Earth’s gravitational field.  Rather, the astronaut is falling towards the Earth (as is the spacecraft). However, their horizontal speed is 28,000km/hr. This and the curvature of the...

Misconceptions about falling objects

This video explains why objects of different masses fall at the same rate towards the ground. 

A heavy medicine ball is dropped at the same time and from the same height as a lighter basket ball.  They both hit the ground at the same time.

Although the medicine ball has a greater force on it, its...

The difference between mass and weight

This video explains the relationship between mass and weight.  It then shows how the car’s weight is quite distinct from its inertia (how hard it is to move it in a horizontal plane).