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10 facts about great white sharks

This video lists 10 facts about great white sharks.

13 misconceptions about global warming

This video discusses these 13 misconceptions, including:

  • Global warming is not happening so it was renamed climate change

  • The globe is not warming

  • In the past, scientists warned of global cooling...

4 Revolutionary riddles

This video introduces 4 interesting physics problems about rotational motion. Students are asked to explain each problem.

1. A mystery object rolling down an inclined plank.  The cylinder moves in a stop-start motion.

The container is filled with honey and 2 ping pong balls. The changing centre of...

5 fun physics phenomena

The first video presents five physics phenomena:

1. Centre of mass

2. Flipping a phone

3. Static electricity deflecting water

4. Magnetic cereals

5. Tea bag rocket

Explanations are given in the second video:

1.The finger nearest the centre of mass will also have the...

Anti gravity wheel

This video demonstrates how a 19kg flywheel, attached to a 1 metre shaft can be lifted easily when the flywheel is spinning, yet almost impossible when stationary. It appears that the rotation reduces the weight of the...

Are you lightest in the morning?

This video asks the question, “When are you lightest?”.  Most people state that this is in the morning.  An experiment is conducted to find out. This shows that there is a loss in mass in the morning.  The question is then, “How does the body loose this mass?”.  The answer is a combination of water loss and the...

Atomic bonding song

A song that explains ionic, covalent and metallic bonding in simple terms. 

Beaker ball balance problem

This video introduces an interesting problem of two balls placed in beakers of water.  A ping pong ball is fixed to the bottom of one beaker of water and an acrylic ball suspended into another beaker of water.  Both beakers contain the same amount of water and both balls displace equal amounts of water (they have...

Can silence actually drive you crazy?

This video uses an anechoic chamber to investigate whether an echoless environment can significantly change our perceptions.

Can you perceive acceleration?

This video demonstrates how the eye tracks motion in such a way that determining whether an object is accelerating is very difficult. So, we need another way to measure motion.


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