A selection of films suitable for use in the classroom presented by Derek Muller the from the ever popular Veritasium YouTube channel 



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Misconceptions about heat

This video shows the types of common misconceptions people have about heat.  A book and a metal object, that are the same temperature, are held by people.  They all say the metal object is colder. Using an IR thermometer, it is proved that a cake and its metal container are the same temperature as they are removed...

Persistence of vision

This video demonstrates how the human eye will average or blend fast-flashing red, green and blue lights to produce violet light.  However, if a ball containing the red, green and blue lights are spun the individual lights are clearly visible.  This is because the eye will not merge the separate colours if they...

Supercooled water - explained

This video explains how nucleation in impure water helps it to transition from liquid to solid, yet in very pure water this is far harder.  Supercooled water (water cooled below its freezing point, yet still liquid) is made. The bottom of the bottle is hit against a table and ice crystals instantly form.  This is...

Why is ice slippery?

The video explains that as pressure is exerted onto the ice it melts and it is the liquid water, in contact with the ice, that makes it so slippery.