This selection of career profiles from Lantra looks at the land-based areas of floristry, agriculture and horticulture and the many differing roles within each sub-sector.



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A career in agricultural crop production

The main aim of the agricultural crop industry is to produce crops to feed both humans and animals. Some arable farms have diversified into producing fruit, vegetables and non-food crops such as those grown for energy, materials like hemp for fibre and oils like lavender and linseed.

A career in agriculture

Career decisions are often based on areas of personal interest. 75% of 16-18 years said that they would be interested in careers in business, technology, science, engineering and working with animals.  A career in farming and food supply can be all these things.

A career in arboriculture

Arboriculture workers carry out a variety of jobs to care for and maintain trees, including cultivating, managing and studying individual trees.

A career in floristry

The floristry industry comprises the following key activities: retail flower sales, creating floristry designs, delivery services and the use of flowers and decorative plants for displays, events and functions.