This selection of career profiles from Lantra looks at the land-based areas of floristry, agriculture and horticulture and the many differing roles within each sub-sector.



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A career in forestry

Forestry workers carry out a variety of jobs to care for and manage trees, woodland areas and forests for the production of timber and for recreation.
Forests are very important to the natural environment, providing health benefits as well as a sustainable resource of raw material and renewable energy....

A career in horticulture

Potential areas of work include:

Growing crops for commercial purposes, parks, gardens and green spaces, landscaping and sports turf.

A career in production horticulture

Production horticulture (or commercial horticulture as it is sometimes called) covers the growing of crops for commercial purposes.
Horticulturists apply the knowledge, skills, and technologies used to grow intensively produced crops for human food and non-food uses and for personal or social needs. Their work...

Science, maths and technology: working with plants and the environment

Science, maths and technology lie at the heart of many jobs in the land-based sector. Whether developing a phone app to help farmers check the soil types in fields, creating a wildlife habitat in an urban area or making sure the pitch is ready to play on for the match on Saturday, science, maths and technology...