Concept Cartoons: Change of State and Insulation

This concept cartoon explores student's ideas about heat and insulation. A common misconception is that some materials have the property of making things warm. In this case because we have put coats on to keep warm there is a tendency to believe that the coat will also make the snowman warm so that it will melt quickly. In fact the coat acts as an insulator, reducing the movement of energy in either direction.

Millgate House Publishers has donated this Concept Cartoon focusing on change of state and insulation.

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I've logged in and found the teacher's notes, but the actual concept cartoon isn't here to download or view. Please advise how I can download it/show it for use in the classroom. Thanks.

Deb McClellan (not verified)

Me too!

hoganl (not verified)

I logged in and downloaded the zip file. I found the concept cartoon but had to find a player. Netscape is pretty old and I did not have it. I used Elmedia Player and was able to get the cartoon to play. The teacher notes appeared to be more about getting the cartoon to play. Are their instructional idea or notes to go with the cartoon?


I would love to be able to open this resource and use it - just what I was looking for.