A collection of resources from the SYCD Primary CD investigating physical processes. The major resources are: *Experience the moon - an activity for more able pupils enabling them to use independent research skills to produce a well-reasoned analysis of a travel poster for holidays on the Moon, in order to produce a travel brochure that is informative and scientifically correct. *Classroom tuned percussion - a set of activities that enable pupils to explore the properties of a range of materials and link them to their uses through investigating tuned percussion instruments. *Kites - an exploration of the variety of kite designs around the world, together with the scientific principles that keep kites aloft. A fun way of exploring some types of forces through making and flying kites. *Gravity and space traffic lights - a quick revision game on gravity and space. *Speed pairs - a game where pupils put together the start and end of a scientific statement. The activity reinforces pupils' knowledge of aspects of electricity, forces and motion, and light and sound.


Classroom Tuned Percussion

In this ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary unit, pupils identify the different types and materials of classroom-tuned percussion instruments.

Pupils explore vibration, pitch and volume, explore amplification and think about the responsible use of tropical timber.

Classroom instruments offer many...


Kites, an ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary resource, explores the variety of kite designs around the world, together with the scientific principles that keep kites aloft.

It provides a fun way of exploring some types of forces. There is a strong multi-cultural element through looking at kites around the world...

Concept Cartoons: Change of State and Insulation

This concept cartoon explores student's ideas about heat and insulation. A common misconception is that some materials have the property of making things warm. In this case because we have put coats on to keep warm there is a tendency to believe that the coat will also make the snowman warm so that it will melt...

Mr Zippy's Trainers

This ASE interactive animation looks at materials and their properties and forces and how they are applied to a real life situation. It requires children to choose aspects of trainers that will keep Mr. Zippy's feet dry and help him to run fast. The students then design their own trainer on screen using 'drag and...


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