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These resources, from the Science Year Primary CD-ROM, focus on engaging activities for teaching primary science. Please note that this collection of resources was first published in 2001. Ideas about the teaching of science explanations can change over time, and older resources may require repurposing for use in today's classroom. Teachers may wish to share suggestions of any adaptations they make to resources by leaving a short comment for colleagues.



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About Science

A collection of resources, from the SYCD Primary CD, exploring 'How Science Works' in everyday life and developing scientific vocabulary and understanding. The major resources are: *Reporting science - a unit which provides an opportunity for pupils to develop their writing, speaking and listening skills through...

Enhancing Science

A collection of activities, from the SYCD Primary CD, designed to engage and enhance the teaching of science. The major resources are: *Science fairs - a complete package that guides teachers through every stage of planning and managing a school Science Fair. *Assembly on sound- the text of an assembly on sound...

Managing Science

These resources, from the SYCD Primary CD, provide guidance for teachers who are supporting year 6 pupils in the transition from primary to secondary school. There is also help with finding ways to involve parents in their childrens' science education. The major resources are: *Passport - a template for a...

Living Things

A collection of resources, from the SYCD Primary CD, designed to develop and reinforce primary school pupils' understanding of the living world around them. The major resources are: *Growing pains - a drama script for older primary pupils, which explores what plants need in order to grow. *I scream for ice cream...