ESERO-UK (the European Space Education Resource Office for the UK) is an education project from the European Space Agency (ESA).

ESERO-UK has been established at the National STEM Learning Centre through funding from ESA and the Department for Education. ESERO-UK promotes space in the UK and the use of space to enhance and support STEM teaching and learning in the UK.

The resources in this collection bring together materials from ESA and other providers to both promote space exploration, and also help teachers and lecturers to use space as an engaging context for teaching and learning in STEM subjects. In addition to its resource collections, ESERO-UK has established a network of space ambassadors across the UK to actively support partners from the space education sector in their work with schools and colleges.

Further information is available from the ESERO-UK website.


Preparing for Space

For the g-forces activity pupils will be able to discuss how astronauts use forces to simulate the effect of launch and landing on their bodies, when preparing to go into space. The pupils look at the forces on a ball at the end of a piece of elastic and discuss the forces on an Astronaut in a centrifuge. For the...

Primary Space Activities

This resource contains a number of ideas for both teaching about space and for using space as a context for learning in other subject areas.

They are:

• Poems - using different types of poems in science and some space poetry words.

• Songs and music - lists of songs concerning space and...

Professional Knowledge: Physics

Designed for science teachers wishing to advance their professional knowledge, this video from Teachers TV highlights some cutting edge physics projects within the UK.

This includes:

• Particle accelerators

• Lasers

• Containing plasma and harnessing fusion

• Space exploration...

What You do on Board

Supported by the UK Space Agency, this podcast from Fun Kids Radio, answers questions from children about space. Astronaut Tim Peake answers the question “When you are in space, what exactly do you do up there?” Andrew Kuh, from the UK Space Agency, answers “How do you sleep on the International Space Station?”


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