Solar System and the Planets

This collection contains resources relating to the Solar System and Planets. There are a range of activities, images, video and information from sources such as the European Space Agency and NASA. There are a range of materials which can be used with primary or secondary students.



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SimSpace is a SimPhysics game-based learning resource where players take on the role of space scientists, scouting the skies for Near Earth Objects (NEOs) that may pose a risk to life on Earth.

The premise is that...

Astronomy and Football

A 100 metres football field could serve as a venue to compare distances in our Solar System. Hopefully, this exercise from ESA will add perspective to the vastness of our part of the Universe and to the learning of astronomy.

Explore Saturn and Titan

On 14 January 2005, the European probe Huygens entered the atmosphere of Titan - one of Saturn's moons. Based on this major event in space exploration, ESA offers a cartoon-style teaching aid with fact sheets for teachers to use in the classroom. The factsheets are available for use with different aged students -...

One of Our Scientists Is Missing

This Science upd8 activity offers an opportunity to test students' understanding of the solar system, and their skills as independent enquirers, problem solvers and effective communicators. Students are part of an earth-bound team set the task of interpreting a range of data relating to the solar system/universe....