A collection of resources on the theme of telescopes, including the James Webb Space Telescope. 



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The EUCLID space telescope mission

This curriculum linked resource, for primary children and their teachers, is based on the exciting real-life launch of the Euclid space telescope. Through simple models and practical activities, the children are introduced to the work of space scientists seeking to discover more about our universe.


The James Webb Space Telescope is  currently making observations of distant stars and planets, following it's launch in 2021. It is a highly technical design which has taken many years to be designed and made....

This collection of resources has been written for design technology teachers to use primarily as part of the curriculum in lower secondary schools.  The resources also include a guide to the James Webb Space Telescope , written for teachers and STEM Ambassadors.

All activities include elements of design that...


This film, from Twig World, looks at who invented telescopes and how they have developed throughout history.

The key points made in the film are:

•The first optical telescopes were made around 1608. •Early telescopes consisted of a convex lens and an eyepiece.

•Later telescope designs used...