ESERO-UK (the European Space Education Resource Office for the UK) is an education project from the European Space Agency (ESA).

ESERO-UK has been established at the National STEM Learning Centre through funding from ESA and the Department for Education. ESERO-UK promotes space in the UK and the use of space to enhance and support STEM teaching and learning in the UK.

The resources in this collection bring together materials from ESA and other providers to both promote space exploration, and also help teachers and lecturers to use space as an engaging context for teaching and learning in STEM subjects. In addition to its resource collections, ESERO-UK has established a network of space ambassadors across the UK to actively support partners from the space education sector in their work with schools and colleges.

Further information is available from the ESERO-UK website.



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Deep Space Diary

The Deep Space Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about our Solar System, light, colour, infrared and much more. There are six chapters that make up the Deep Space Diary; together they provide over 60 hours learning, but individual activities can also be...

Mars Diary

The Mars Diary resources are a comprehensive series aimed at helping KS2 students find out more about the planet Mars, as well as the challenges and opportunities that will be involved in exploring our Solar System. There are six chapters...

A great deal of space exploration is performed by autonomous craft. They have mapped remote planets and even landed to send surface data back to Earth. Satellites have changed the world of communication, earth observation and, through global positioning systems, everyday navigation. This collection, with...

A collection of resources about asteroids, meteorites and comets.