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Future Morph careers quest

Future Morph Careers Quest was developed for students attending one of the the Big Bang science fairs. In the activity, students question exhibitors about aspects of their work and how they had chosen their particular career.

Whilst developed for a an exhibition context, the resources can suggest questions...

Why does employer engagement matter? A toolkit for managing employer activities in schools and colleges

The Career Development Institute (CDI) has produced this practical guide to designing and implementing the work-related curriculum.

It is written specifically to support careers coordinators and careers advisers in schools and colleges and is packed with tried and tested ideas, facts and templates. It is...

How do you make butter?

Colourful poster from the Tasty Careers website illustrating the many different career roles involved in the production of butter.

Careers in pharmacology

Leaflet looks at the skills and aptitudes needed for careers in clinical and research pharmacology. Pharmacology career case studies are also included.

Helping you meet the Gatsby Career Benchmarks

The Gatsby Career Benchmarks is a framework of eight guidelines about what makes the best careers provision in schools and colleges. This guide shows how you can use the range of STEM Learning resources, CPD and support to help you meet these benchmarks and successfully improve your...

Biomedical Horizons

Biomedical Horizons is a multi-pronged project, funded by the Wellcome Trust, designed to raise awareness and spark discussion about the biomedical sciences – from pursuing a career to their role within society.

The aim of this resource is to:
* raise awareness of biomedical sciences and the variety...

A career in agriculture

Career decisions are often based on areas of personal interest. 75% of 16-18 years said that they would be interested in careers in business, technology, science, engineering and working with animals.  A career in farming and food supply can be all these things.

Seven Easy Steps to ‘Speed Career Dating’

This resources shows how to use Inspiring the future's 7 Easy Steps to ‘Speed Career Dating’ and ‘Career
Insight’ Events If you are looking to help pupils gain insights into different careers and broaden their aspirations, the more informal ‘speed career dating’ or networking sessions can help to...

Modern Muse

Modern Muse is a free online resource that empowers girls and young women to make informed careers decisions.

It gives students, parents and teachers access to over 1,000 female role models (Muses) and the companies that they work for. The Muses are from different backgrounds, are all ages and are at...

The future of the European STEM workforce: what do secondary school pupils of Europe think about STEM industry and careers

This paper, published in  2015,  examines how students' interest and enjoyment of learning STEM subjects is often equated with their interest in STEM careers. Yet research shows that engagement with school science and motivation for a science career are not the same as students may simultaneously report positive...


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