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This series of videos from Teachers TV looks at the kind of skills needed to work in STEM professions, examines the careers available and includes advice from research scientists, engineers and project managers.

A science teacher uses a range of techniques to help her students think about careers in STEM professions. The teacher focuses on IVF and invites the school nurse into the lesson to talk to her Year 8 class about her work and to provide professional support.

Teacher Daniel Gadd links maths lessons to the use of maths in the world of work, helping students understand how their learning relates to the real world. The class focuses on how logistic managers use network diagrams to aid efficiency in deliveries and when laying cables.

Maths teacher Eva Cowlishaw and science teacher Amy Lucas introduce Year 9 students to engineering careers using the context of structural engineering in theme park rides.

Choosing Careers
Lorette Parker, Head of Careers at Collingwood College invites eight professionals to the school to talk about their careers in STEM-related professions. Amongst the group are research scientists, engineers and project managers. In small groups, the students interview the visitors in the same way they would act in a real job interview.

Equality and Diversity
Two secondary schools in Blackburn explore STEM careers, by encouraging their students to take a hands-on approach to learning. Groups of students take part in experiments, which are designed to be accessible to all learners and introduce them to new aspects of STEM.

Information, Advice and Guidance
A science teacher and Head of Careers work together to plan a lesson to introduce the kinds of jobs that science can lead to. They consider introducing a range of techniques into the classroom which will equip the students with the information they need to make informed choices.

Role Models and Work Placements
A group of STEM Ambassadors visit Bradfield School to share their stories with a group of Year Nine girls. The students take part in an exercise aimed at combating some of the stereotypical images of STEM related careers. The ambassadors then take questions from the students about the sort of careers that are available to students who take up STEM subjects.

Economic Wellbeing
Riddlesdown High School is taking steps to encourage students to study science, maths and technology. During a role-play activity students discuss a proposal to build a pharmaceutical plant in their neighbourhood and weigh up the pros and cons of the proposal, considering the economic benefits against potentially negative issues such as environmental disruption.

STEM Careers Interviews
A series of interviews on the importance of STEM skills, with professionals from the fields of architecture, publishing, media productions, pharmaceuticals and the armed forces.

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