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Teachers TV was originally a television channel which aimed to provide professional development support for teachers, school leaders, support staff and governors. Many of the programmes were filmed inside real classrooms, with teachers sharing good practice and ideas for lessons.

The videos in this collection are a selection of the programmes which focus on the provision of STEM careers advice and guidance in schools. The collection provides ideas for planning learning activities which highlight the wealth of career opportunities available to those with STEM qualifications.


Equality and Diversity

This Teachers TV video shows two secondary schools in Blackburn as they explore STEM careers by encouraging their students to take a hands-on approach to learning.

Witton Park High School takes a workshop for Year Eight girls which aims to make students aware of gender stereotypes and encourage girls into...

Economic Wellbeing

In this Teachers TV programme, staff at Riddlesdown High School in South London are taking steps to encourage students to study science, mathematics and technology.

Students at the school participate in a role play as members of a residents' association. During the activity they discuss a proposal to...

Role models and work placements

In this Teachers TV video, a group of STEM ambassadors visit Bradfield...

Information, Advice and Guidance

In this video from Teachers TV, science teacher Angalika Newton is eager to promote careers in science to her students.

Angalika works with Head of Careers Lorette Parker to plan a lesson to introduce the kinds of jobs that studying science can lead to. Their plans include bringing outside visitors into...


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