Part of the Educational research in STEM subjects collection, this is a collection of academic research looking at careers in STEM subjects, including students attitudes towards STEM careers.




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The future of the European STEM workforce: what do secondary school pupils of Europe think about STEM industry and careers

This paper, published in  2015,  examines how students' interest and enjoyment of learning STEM subjects is often equated with their interest in STEM careers. Yet research shows that engagement with school science and motivation for a science career are not the same as students may simultaneously report positive...

Aspires: young people's science and careers aspirations, age 10-14

Published in December 2013.  The ASPIRES study sought to shed new light on our understanding of how young people’s aspirations develop over the 10-14 age period, exploring in particular what influences the likelihood of a young person aspiring to a science-related career.

This report presents key findings...

A-level gender bias worse in state sector

A report published in 2013 from the UK’s Institute of Physics looks at patterns of gender bias in six A-level subjects, all of which are taken by large numbers of students and all of which have a significant gender imbalance. The subjects considered are English, biology, and psychology (which are more popular with...

Work experience: impact and delivery - insights from the evidence

A report published in April 2012 by Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy, Education and Employers Taskforce. This paper presents findings from recent research into the value of work experience to young people.

The purpose of this paper is to share evidence considered by the Education and...