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3D printing the weather

This activity enables students to create 3D models that represent temperature data. Via a series of video tutorials students are guided step by step through the process. Tinkercad 3D modelling software is required to do this but is freely available online, as well as access to a 3D printer. Once printed the tactile...

Tricky Logic

A tricky logic quiz

Vinegar Rocket

Pupils have fun using vinegar to make a rocket

Why Lag You House

An activity to make a paper house and heat it with 3V bulbs to see of the temperature rises, and then lag it with bubble-wrap to repeat the activity.

Schools in Coventry and Warwickshire may borrow kits for this activity. Please see ...

Towers and Bridges Made With Sweets

Pupil make Towers and Bridges With Sweets and Cocktail Sticks or Straws

Make A Thermometer

An activity to make a thermometer and test it against real thermometers.

The Water Cycle

An activity to investigate the water cycle and simulate this.

Sum Pi To Chew Over

Calculating the value of Pi by weighing water

Sum Fun with The Grand Old Duke Of York

Learning sums by singing the nursery rhyme

Sum fun with Jack and Jill

Learning sums by singing the nursery rhyme


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