The Royal Academy of Engineering resources for STEM clubs

These resources offer support and guidance for setting up and running both new and existing science and engineering clubs, including CPD for club leaders and help in identifying inspirational STEM activities to run in engineering and technology clubs.



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STEM Club Activity: Introduction: Club Leaders

These resources are designed to inspire students, regardless of their background, and show that engineering and technology are positively beneficial to their present and future lives.

Engineering Engagement Project...

STEM Club Support: the Engineering Message

This resource aims at raising students' awareness of what engineers do and how the profession contributes to the world. The key activity for students is to define and discuss engineering as a career. There are also two case studies to use.

STEM Club support: diversity

This activity challenges stereotypes by asking students to draw and describe an engineer and then requiring them to explain their drawings together with discussing stereotypes. There are career profiles and further activities for teachers to pursue with their students.

STEM Club Support: Routes into Engineering

This information sheet is aimed at teachers to use with their students to introduce them to the range of engineering careers and training routes. The sheet provides information on salaries, profiles two engineering students and provides suggested websites for further information.


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